Don't just take our word--here's what our clients are saying about the Serrano Real Estate Team!

Maria C.

Yalian is a great person and a great Realtor! I was so impressed with his communication with all parties involved throughout all aspects of my real estate transaction. His willingness to work with me helped make the whole experience less overwhelming. I have a much better understanding of how the real estate process works now because of the education I received from Yalian. Thank you for being the Realtor I was looking for!

K. Lopez

Mi esposo y yo hemos tenidos una excelente experiencia con esta compañía sobre todo con nuestro Realtor y amigo, Yalian Serrano. Se los recomiendo a todos-el es una bellísima persona al igual que su familia!

Maura V.

It was a pleasure to work with Yalian Serrano. He took the time to get to know us and our expectations in the search for our home. He did all the calling and searching for us so we could narrow down our search to a few houses that really worked for us. He knew that it wasn't the volume of houses we looked at, but looking at the right houses that would help us find the best place for our family. We are so happy that we chose Yalian to be our Realtor!

Cristina O.

Eu gostaria de agradecer sua ajuda e paciencia na busca de uma propriedade para comprar em Miami. Eu tambem gostaria de agradecer por suas dicas de como trazer o dinheiro do Brasil para efetuar a compra.

Jorge S.

 Yalian, thank you for a phenomenal job in finding properties for me to invest in! It is always a joy to work with a Realtor who has ethics, morals, and knowledge of the real estate market. I hope to work with you again, and soon!

O. Hernandez

I am very impressed by the way Yalian takes his time for his clients. He was so patient with us, even though I knew he was very busy with other clients and properties. Throughout the entire process, either he or a member of his team was available to answer any questions we had. He was dedicated to us not only during our transaction, but even after we bought our house with him. Yalian is not only our Realtor- now he is our friend!